Reasons why people abandon their storage units

Reasons why people abandon their storage units

Storage units are used by people or businesses to store stuff when there is a lack of storage space. They are important when you are looking to avoid everything being all over the place. Getting a such a space is relatively easy because anyone can apply for it in one of the companies dealing with provision of storage facilities. Owners may pay rent monthly or annually depending on the agreement put in place. Sometimes people end up abandoning these spaces entirely, and end up abandoning the stuff placed in them.

Businesses often own storage units to

People usually look for storage units to place unimportant items which have no use for them. Parents, for example, can place toys and old clothes their children used to have. Being sentimental can make anyone have unnecessary items over time creating clutter. A family can rent a storage unit to store clutter in the house, but as time goes by, people may forget that they even owned a storage space. Storing things that you do not usually use in a unit is a clever way of evading clutter in your house, but it is also easy to put that at the back of your mind.

Reasons why people abandon their storage units

Businesses often own storage units to store supplies, old inventories and uniforms, among a good deal of other possessions. However, when a business shuts down, these spaces are usually forgotten or abandoned. Businesses always have inventories in the form of books which can be kept for future refences. These things kept in there may have no value for the tenant, and abandoning them may seem like the best option because they will incur no losses. Storing stuff in these places can be expensive too. A tenant may not want to keep paying rent for things that are not valuable and, they end up leaving them behind.

People usually look for storage units

In case of sudden death, immediate family members may not know about the presence of a storage belonging to the deceased. It is hard to know everything about a person especially when they suddenly pass away. If a renter dies, it is common for the unit to be abandoned for a long period of time. This might also happen to tenants who are sick and hospitalized. Before close relatives find out, the units have already been shut down by the company. Paying up monthly is different from paying rent for many months, and someone can end up preferring to abandon the unit. Being back on rent is rather stressful, and this happens if you do not value whatever you have placed in your storage space.

During a divorce happening in a family, storage units are the last thing the family thinks about especially if there is no valuable item in there. The rich especially do not really care about material stuff because buying new stuff is an option. Divorcees don’t want to keep memories of their past, and starting afresh is how most go about it. It makes sense that abandoning these units is quite common after divorce. Some may feel too lazy to go and look at what has been stored in the units.

When people move to different parts of the country for a period of time, using a storage unit may be a good idea. If the move is permanent, the stored items end up being forgotten. Items stored by the tenant may be of little value to them, or such items are replaceable. An example is if you buy a new set of couches to replace the old ones, you can simply put the old one in your storage space. Since the items you place in your storage unit are mostly abandoned, it makes sense to abandon everything you have stored, including the unit itself.

Companies that rent out spaces have a right to sell or auction the things placed in storage if the owners fail to keep up with the payment agreement. Before the auction is made, tenants are warned severally to pay the fees required before the date is set for auctioning. Stubborn tenants who have no interest in what they keep ignore warnings and notices. In some cases, the tenant may have changed information like email addresses and phone numbers, making it hard for the company to notify them. This means that they do not get a notification from the company in time before auctions happen.